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Anticonvulsant Screening Program
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PANAChE ID / ASP ID: 47 Line  
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2-(acetyloxy)benzoic acid
Substance Information
Chemical Structure of Aspirin

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Molecular Weight 180.1574
Molecular Formula C9H8O4
Smiles CC(=O)Oc1ccccc1C(O)=O
Chemical Class Salicyclic acid
Therapeutic Class Anti-inflammatory
CAS No 50782
Stereotype no_comment
PubChem ID 177513150
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Maximum Electroshock Model Subcutaneous Metrazol Model Toxicity (rotorod-mouse,ataxia-rat)
Mouse i.p. Screen No Activity No Activity See report(s)
Mouse i.p. ED50 - - -
Mouse p.o. ED50 - - -
Rat p.o. Screen See reports See reports See reports
Rat p.o. ED50 - - -
Rat i.p. Screen - - - -
Rat.i.p. ED50 - - -
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Kindled Rat/Mouse
Rat Hippocampal Screen - Mouse Corneal -
Rat Hippocampal Toxicity - Rat Hippocampal Afterdischarge Threshold - -
Rat Hippocampal ED50 - Rat LTG-Resistant Amygdala -
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Subcutaneous Bicuculline Model Subcutaneous Picrotoxin Model
Mouse i.p. - -
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Threshold Electro Convulsive Model
Threshold Tonic Extension -
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Pilocarpine Induced Status Prevention (PISP)
0 min Screen See report
0 min ED50 -
30 min Screen -
30 min ED50 -
EEG Study -
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Neuroprotection - Hippocampal slice culture
Kainate -
NMDA No Neuroprotection observed
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Spatial Learning & Memory
Morris Water Maze -
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6Hz Model
Screen See report
ED50 -
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Mouse Formalin See report
Rat Sciatic Ligation See report
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Kainate/Na+/GABA/NMDA -
Spontaneous Burst -
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i.v. Metrazol Infusion Model
Time to first twitch/clonus - 
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Frings Audiogenic Sezisure Model
ED50 -
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Test Report in PDF format
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Solvent Code Description
ACN Acetonitrile
DMF Dimethyl Formamide
DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide
HPC Hydroxypropyl Cellulose
MC Methyl Cellulose
MEOH Methanol
MP 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (MP)
OTH Other
PEG Polyethylene Glycol
SAL Saline
WAT Water
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Solvent Prep Code Description
HT Heat
M&P Mortar & pestle
SB sonabath
TW Tween (will include a number which indicates concentration, ie/ TW20 or TW80)
TT Test tube

Note: PANAChE ID, ADD ID and ASP ID are the same.
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** Test has been done more than once. The data displayed represent information collected from the most recent experiment.
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Test Description
Test 1 is an initial screen for anticonvulsant activity in the MES and scMET models combined with an initial assessment of toxicity in mice via i.p. injection. The data for each condition is presented as N/F, where N=number of animals protected and F=number of animals tested. For tests of toxicity (TOX), N=number of animals displaying toxic effects. Codes in the C column refer to comments from the experiment and are defined in the comments section if necessary. Presence of an asterisk (*) indicates that there are multiple comment codes. Any deaths are noted.
* Public Access to Neuroactive & Anticonvulsant CHemical Evaluations (PANAChE) database
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